Michelle Morgan: Breath testers and other unwelcome gifts

Some people are not so happy with what they've received this Christmas, says Michelle
Some people are not so happy with what they've received this Christmas, says Michelle

Christmas is well and truly over and the presents all unwrapped.

Hopefully we have all received things we want, and have remained grateful throughout.

However, it would seem some people are not so happy with what they’ve received, and as I type this, days before Christmas, there are already presents appearing on eBay as unwanted gifts.

As is my tradition every year, I will share some of these beauties with you now.

Some of the “gifts” are clearly phoney, such as the 20 listings for wrapped but unwanted presents, all from the same seller; all wrapped in the same paper.

Now either this person is the most ungrateful gift-receiver in the world, or they have wrapped them themselves.

The fact each description declares there are no edibles; nothing offensive; and no make-up leads me to believe the latter is most likely true.

What seems to be a genuine unwanted gift is something called a “body wrap” which is “proven” to get rid of unwanted fat.

Wow – I just hope that whoever bought that present has been told where he or she can stick that fat-busting body wrap.

I also hope that the seller gets some big bucks from the sale so they can buy something worthwhile, but alas it only has a few hours to go and no bidders so far.

Also unwanted this year is a JLS perfume; a sequinned scarf; an alien gift set; an alcohol breath tester; a windscreen cover; a driving test theory book; a golf tee; a coins of England book and the ultimate gift – an Eamonn Holmes interactive game.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think I can forgive all of the above receivers for wanting to get rid of their goods at the earliest possible moment.

With that in mind, I’m mighty glad I stuck to the lists I was given and hope you did the same!