Michelle Morgan: Bossy Boots won’t be getting a call

Little Miss Bossy won't be welcome at Michelle's house
Little Miss Bossy won't be welcome at Michelle's house

My daughter met some new pals when we were in Cromer recently.

It was good to see her playing out, but sadly not every child she met became a firm friend...

On the first night she told me that one girl – let’s call her Geraldine – was a “bossy boots” who threatened to tell on her for “no reason whatsoever”.

Then on the second night I saw Geraldine for myself.

“Excuse me,” she said. “Your daughter just knocked on someone’s door and ran away.”

I told her I’d look into it, then Geraldine slunk back to her chalet.

When my daughter returned, I told her about the complaint, but apparently it wasn’t her who had knocked on the door, but someone called “Trousers Falling Down” who is the brother of “Picky Nose” who lives next door to “The girl who was my friend before Geraldine turned her against me.”

Glad that was cleared up then...

The next night she was back.

“Excuse me, but your daughter just stuck her tongue out at me and ran away.”

I nodded my head, assured her that it was best if they stayed away from each other, and off she went.

However, there she was an hour later, gawping through our front window, spying on the goings-on inside our chalet.

Since all we were doing was watching television, I imagine she left disappointed.

Geraldine continued her observations throughout the week and on the last night she appeared once again.

“Excuse me,” she said. “What is it now?” I asked.

At that point she stuffed a note into my hand, which included her phone number and email on it.

“That,” smiled Geraldine, “is so that your daughter and I can keep in touch with each other when we go home. Do you think she will want to?”

I smiled sweetly, but somehow I imagine the answer to that will be no!