Michelle Morgan: Being polite doesn’t cost you anything

Manners cost nothing, says Michelle
Manners cost nothing, says Michelle

What a pity that so many people seem to have forgotten the basic lessons of politeness and kindness, taught to us as children.

Take last week for instance. My parents were in a supermarket where they made a trip to the cake counter for an after-dinner treat.

The woman behind the counter saw them, sighed and slumped her way towards them. Then without even looking, she groaned, “Yeah, whadda ya want?”

My dad explained what he wanted, and after shoving them into a box and almost throwing them over the top of the counter, the woman shuffled off to the back room and my parents got on with the rest of their shop.

Then it was time to visit the checkouts. Most were fairly empty, so they had a choice of which one to go to.

My dad pushed his trolley towards one, just as another lady was heading that way behind him, unknown to my dad.

Just as he began unpacking his groceries, he was aware of eyes burning a hole in his neck, so turned round to see the disgruntled lady, with her trolley full of shopping.

He smiled politely, and then realising that she may have been after “his” checkout, he thought he’d be nice and say sorry.

Sadly he got more than he bargained for when the woman opened her mouth and grumbled, “I should jolly well think you are sorry!” and then stomped off to another checkout.

My dad was so shocked by the rudeness and even the assistant on the checkout saw what happened and told him there was no way he should have apologised, as he’d done nothing wrong at all. I absolutely agree.

I know that life can be stressful at times and we all get down-in-the-dumps, but honestly, there is no reason to be rude or even obnoxious to other human beings. We all have to live together after all.