Michelle Morgan

Beyonce, who has not been to Mothercare in Newbury recently
Beyonce, who has not been to Mothercare in Newbury recently

It seems the news is always full of upsetting or tragic stories.

But recently I had to laugh at one national newspaper, which had an article telling the world superstar Beyonce had been spotted shopping in a Newbury branch of Mothercare.

The proof of this ‘exclusive’ story was a very hazy picture of a young mum with a baby on her hip, and wearing a black hooded top.

It was accompanied by a quote from someone in the store, apparently “confirming” that the singer had indeed visited.

Now this story was intriguing for several reasons, the most entertaining of which was that on the day before she was shopping in Newbury, Beyonce was actually on tour in Slovakia.

The very next day she was in Amsterdam, but somehow, some way she was able to jet into the UK, just to go shopping in a Berkshire store.

Are there no baby shops in Amsterdam or Slovakia that she could have visited? I’m sure there are.

The chances of the young baby-carrying woman standing in a line in Newbury turning out to be Beyonce (with no sign of entourage whatsoever) are pretty remote, but it did remind me of all the celebrity sightings in the past which have turned out to be just “normal” everyday folks.

Who can forget all the sightings there have been of Elvis, made after he had passed away.

He’s been spotted at Graceland; seen walking down a street and the most entertaining of all – apparently glimpsed as an extra in the movie Home Alone.

There was even a song out many years ago; called There’s a guy works down the chip shop; swears he’s Elvis.

With the recent extraordinary “news” that a superstar has been spotted shopping in Newbury, perhaps someone could release a new version of the song: There’s a girl goes shopping in Mothercare; swears she’s Beyonce.

It’s bound to be a sure-fire hit... or then again, maybe not.