Michelle Morgan

Michelle had an unusual birthday present
Michelle had an unusual birthday present

It was my birthday last week and it was very eventful in a most unsuspecting way…

Two days before the big day, my email supplier planned to switch servers, promising only a minimal disruption.

Well of course as luck would have it, the disruption was anything but small, and myself and thousands of other users had no emails at all for two days.

On my birthday I switched on my laptop to see if there were any messages, and nearly fell off my seat when I saw that there were 56,000 emails waiting to come down.

Yes, that was fifty-six thousand!

A quick check on Twitter confirmed that I was not the only person to be receiving so many; a result it would seem of the server sending out every single email ever received, from the late 2000s, to the present day.

After much swearing and screaming, in the end I had no option but to let all 56,000 emails come down.

Oh actually that’s not true – the server did tell me that I could log online and delete the old emails 200 at a time… well, that was a lovely activity idea for my birthday but in the end I decided I’d much rather go out for a meal instead, and had to leave my computer downloading.

Eight hours later the last email finally arrived.

Every single email I had ever received from 2008 – including spam that had long-since been deleted – was now on my laptop and I had to spend the next day deleting them.

The good news is that I received hundreds of happy birthday messages.

The bad news is they were all from 2008 to 2012.

The current 2013 greetings were all missing, despite many messages being left for me on FaceBook and Twitter.

Oh well, perhaps I’ll get the greetings for this year when they decide to upgrade their server again five years from now; but then again, after receiving nearly 60,000 this time, I really hope I don’t.