Michelle Morgan

Michelle has had enough of the cold weather
Michelle has had enough of the cold weather

I have held my tongue over the past few weeks and vowed that I wouldn’t do it.

But now I cannot hold back any longer and I simply must ask… what the heck is going on with the weather?!

OK, I know that we are only in March, and you shouldn’t get excited about summer until at least a couple of months, but that aside, shouldn’t we be getting at least a teeny bit of sun right now?

When March 1 arrived, I happily said to my dad, “Hooray, we are now into spring at last!”

But instead of agreeing, he shook his head and said I was speaking too soon; that, as my gran used to say, you should “Never shed a cloot ‘till May is oot!” (translated from the Scots that means never take your layers off until May is over and done with.)

This time last year my parents and I went to an antique fair and it was so hot we had a picnic and walked around the place wearing nothing but T-shirts and jeans.

This year we had to cancel our plans because it was -5C and blowing a blizzard outside.

I really hope the weather cheers up soon, but they reckon it will be here for another two weeks so it’s likely to be a cold April too.

Which brings me on to my next complaint: Why is that whenever the weather person tells you it is going to snow a blizzard and blow a gale, they have to do so with a huge smile on their face?

Like this ridiculous weather, I guess it is another of life’s many mysteries…