Michelle Morgan

Michelle recounts an unpheasant end to a Red Nose Day
Michelle recounts an unpheasant end to a Red Nose Day

So it was Red Nose day last Friday and it brought back memories of when I worked in an office, and it was always the highlight of our year.

We would bake cakes, run competitions and spend the entire day having fun raising lots of money.

I remember one time we decided to run a fan club for one of our older colleagues, who had always been quite a hit with the ladies of the building.

We created certificates, sold autographs and even had a tiered membership, with Gold being the highest and coming with a framed photo and various other goodies.

Our colleague was a good sport and posed for photos and signed certificates all day; and for months afterwards there were pictures of him on various desks around the building.

However, it wasn’t all fun. That evening he headed home after a day of laughter, and accidentally ended up hitting a pheasant on one of the back roads.

He stopped but couldn’t see the bird anywhere, so presumed it had managed to run off into the hedges.

But all the way home he was sure people in other cars were giving him strange looks, though he came to the conclusion that maybe it was just because he was one of the few cars not to be wearing an over-sized red nose on the radiator.

Sadly when he got home he realised exactly why people were staring…

When he hit the pheasant, it hadn’t run off like he thought it had, but instead its dead body had got itself somehow pinned to the front of his car, right where a red nose should have been, had he chosen to buy one.

My colleague didn’t forget that day in a hurry and for as long as I knew him, he would often talk about the day when he had offended just about everyone by accidentally wearing a dead pheasant on his car instead of a red nose...