Michelle Morgan

Eddie Murphy: Definitely did not play a practical joke on a lady in a lift
Eddie Murphy: Definitely did not play a practical joke on a lady in a lift

My Dad told me a story that came from someone who knows someone who knows someone else...

The tale went that a woman had just retired and decided to go to Chicago on holiday.

She knew it may be dangerous to go alone, but off she went anyway, in search of adventures in her old age.

She arrived in Chicago where she encountered a group of men in the hotel lift, who told her to ‘hit the floor.’

Thinking she was about to be shot, she dived on to the ground, only to be told that the men only wished her to hit the button for the floor she wished to get out on.

To cut a long story short, it ended with the old lady’s bill being paid and a note from actor Eddie Murphy, saying it was him in the elevator and thanking her for the biggest laugh he’d ever had.

It was a great story, but being an avid researcher I headed home and Googled the words ‘elevator’ ‘lady’ and ‘Eddie Murphy’.

Sure enough, up came at least a dozen articles talking about the story and disclosing that it was in fact an urban myth.

The man who had told my dad about it, had heard it from his friend, who heard it from his friend, and on and on it went until it finally reached me.

It reminded me of the time when David Beckham was getting married and my friend told me that “someone he knew” had been given a cheque by the footballer, paying him to change his wedding venue so that the Beckhams could have it instead.

I believed my friend until my boss told me exactly the same story about his friend saying the same thing.

Of course a quick Google reveals that it too was a myth, which just goes to show you – don’t believe everything you’re told, and if it comes from your friend’s aunt’s mother’s dog then it most certainly never happened!