Michelle Morgan

Mary Berry's kindness made Michelle's day
Mary Berry's kindness made Michelle's day

I’ve become quite obsessed with Mary Berry just recently.

I’m not the best baker, I must admit (though I do throw together a mean rice crispy cake), but her programmes just fascinate me, and I always feel inspired when reading about her life and career.

In 2007 I had a book published which involved me going to the BBC to do a variety of interviews.

While I was waiting to go on, I was sat next to a lady who looked so familiar to me, but I just couldn’t quite place her.

However, when she stood up I saw that she was carrying a cookbook and it suddenly dawned on me that I knew her because her photo was plastered all over the books in my mum’s kitchen.

I couldn’t believe it, but I was currently sitting right next to Mary Berry.

Of course me being me, I couldn’t just let her get on with her life, I had to immediately go into full-on fan mode and tell her all about my mum and how much she loved her recipes, and how I was brought up eating food made from her books.

She took it all very gracefully; told me I was terribly kind and then went off to do her interview (and probably recover from her encounter with me!).

Several minutes later, her assistant appeared clutching Mary’s book in his hands.

“Mary would like to give this book to you,” he smiled. “She thinks you are a really sweet girl.”

Wow – I couldn’t believe it!

Not only did Mary like me, but now I was also in possession of the book she was carrying with her when she arrived.

It truly made my day; and while I enjoyed telling my mum all about it later, I must admit that I refused to give her my book, much to her dismay.

It has now taken up residence on my book shelf and who knows, I might just use it to learn to cook one of these days!