Michelle Morgan

Great Danes are just one of the perils of going for a walk, says Michelle
Great Danes are just one of the perils of going for a walk, says Michelle

In an effort to get fit, I’m doing a lot of walking.

And it’s amazing the things you see that you wouldn’t normally notice while riding in a car...

On my way down one street, there was a bizarre row of pistachio nutshells leading all the way from one end to the other, and then when they petered out, along came a row of random jigsaw pieces.

All I could conclude was that they were probably left by some kind of modern-day Hansel and Gretel, trying to find their way home and tired of the birds eating their traditional breadcrumbs.

Then there is the obligatory dog poop, chewing gum and spit trails which there are simply no need for...

If your dog poops, pick the mess up;

If your chewing gum runs out of flavour, put it in a bin or failing that behind your ear;

And if you feel the need to spit your lungs up all over the path – just don’t!

It doesn’t make you a footballer; it just makes you a lout, end of story.

But apart from the broken umbrellas, random socks and other junk I see on my travels, there is of course the general public to deal with.

Today for instance I had the ‘pleasure’ of being introduced to a gigantic great Dane which was taking his owner for a walk.

He had been eyeing me up for about half a mile when finally he was able to catch up with me at the pedestrian crossing.

As I waited patiently for the lights to change, the dog made his move and before I knew it, he was standing on two legs, and showing me just how happy he was to meet me.

No dinner, no flowers, just straight to the entertainment, and as his owner pulled him off and I adjusted my pom pom hat, I couldn’t help but wonder – if walking is so good for you, how come it comes with so many dangers?!