Michelle Morgan

Just wrap up, says Michelle
Just wrap up, says Michelle
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I don’t know about you but when it’s the middle of winter (and often when it isn’t) I never leave the house without hundreds of layers, a big coat, hat, scarf and gloves.

My daughter often makes a big fuss because I make her dress the same, though of course by the time she gets back inside she is thanking me for being right after all.

(Well I’m a mum, we’re always right aren’t we?)

But in spite of it being bitterly cold outside, there are still people who choose to brave the weather in a variety of outfits better suited for a warmer climate or, even better, indoors.

For instance, the other day on the school run all the parents and kids were dressed up as if we were off to the Artic, when along came a dad who was not only wearing no coat, but was sporting a short-sleeved shirt with nothing underneath it.

The funny thing is, he strutted past us all as if we were the lunatics, seemingly oblivious to the howling wind and the rain which was blowing on him from every direction.

Then there has been a variety of teenagers spotted who are wearing either tiny summer jackets, or none at all, freezing their way up to school in their little school uniforms.

Of course they always have their arms folded in front of them in a desperate attempt to warm themselves up, and always look in a real shocked state; as if they hadn’t quite realised it wasn’t 28C when they left the house.

My mind boggles as to what people are thinking when they decide to walk miles without their coats on.

To these people I have a message: While you may think you look cool in just a T-shirt, actually you just look freezing; blue and ever-so-slightly loony.

So for goodness sake wrap up before you catch your death of cold. After all, nobody looks ‘cool’ in a hospital bed...