Michelle Morgan

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As I mentioned last week my car, Cosimo, recently took his last breath… Or so we thought.

Actually my persistent husband was determined to discover what was up with the old geezer, and as luck would have it, he has now got him up and running again.

Unfortunately, though, no sooner had Cosimo sprung back into life than the snow came down, so I haven’t been able to give him a test drive for fear that he may conk out again halfway down the street.

So while the snow is still here, my hubby has been giving my daughter and me a lift to school and my dad has been bringing me back home.

That is until today after I’d dropped my daughter at school, and headed to my dad’s garage only to discover that the battery had gone flat and his trusty motor wouldn’t start.

My dad put the battery on charge and I decided to walk the two miles home, which was immediately vetoed by my mum as she said she’d be worried sick about me walking in this weather. So instead I settled down to watch her doing her daily Wii exercises while my dad stomped around the house, cursing car batteries everywhere.

An hour passed and my dad said he’d go and check on the battery to see how it was going. “If I get it started, I’ll text you and you can come down to the garage to save me turning off the engine,” he said. I agreed; put on my boots and waited phone in hand for the hopeful text to come.

Ten minutes passed and nothing, then a familiar head bopped past the end of the garden and my dad appeared.

“Oh dear, is the battery still dead?” I asked, to which he replied:

“Oh, the car battery is fine, but now my phone’s gone on the blink… I think the battery’s dead.”

Technology eh?! Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.