Michelle Morgan

Michelle will call the RAC the next time her car breaks down
Michelle will call the RAC the next time her car breaks down

Several weeks ago my old car ‘Cosimo’ conked out just as my daughter and I were turning the corner into the bottom of our street.

When my Hubby got home that evening, he made a diagnosis and then decided that he would need to push Cosimo back up the road to our driveway.

I sat at the wheel, Hubby pushed, but as our street is on a hill, it wasn’t long before we had to abandon that idea for fear of Hubby being either squished on the road or doing his back in as a result of me continually putting the brakes on by mistake…

Home he went to get his car and a tow rope and, after hooking me up, we were off again.

Now our street isn’t too big at all but on a very dark night, with no power steering and with parked cars all around, it might just as well have been as long as the M1.

Hubby gave me strict instructions – no braking while we’re moving and when I see his lights come on, stop but not too fast or the rope will break.

Off we went and I tried desperately to weave my way around the parked cars without hitting anyone, while all the time cursing my lack of power steering.

By the time he stopped I went to put on my brakes, but in the midst of my worry over whether or not I was braking too hard or too fast, I could no longer find the peddle and almost went into the back of him.

Luckily I managed to stop just in time but not before my heart had leapt into my mouth.

Since then poor Cosimo has sat on our drive like a poor old wounded soul, while my hubby tries to figure out what’s wrong with him.

The experience has taught me two things, however:

1) It might be time to join the RAC and

2) I seriously need to build up my muscles…