Michelle Morgan

Michelle doesn't want to see any more lit-up snowmen until next Christmas
Michelle doesn't want to see any more lit-up snowmen until next Christmas

What is it with people still having their Christmas lights and decorations up, even though we are 10 days into the New Year?

Just have a look. All around there are still wreaths on front doors, lights still sparkling around windows, and (if you’re nosy enough to look inside) trees still displayed and adorned with sparkles.

Today I walked home from the school run and counted 10 wreaths on doors, one Santa, one reindeer, and numerous baubles hanging off the side of houses.

What’s more, yesterday I saw one house that had teeny tiny Christmas trees in the garden (lit up of course); a giant star in the window, and a snowman made of lights, displayed just outside the front door.

This was a week into New Year and two weeks after Christmas day itself.

Now I like Christmas just as much as anyone else does, and we had our decorations and tree up on December 1, which we thought was pretty early really.

But by the day after New Year’s we were ready for it to come down. I really don’t see the point in keeping it up when everyone starts to go back to work and it’s clear that the holiday season is well and truly over.

However, not everyone seems to feel that way, as there is a house in our street that had their lights up in mid-November and guess what? They are still up and switched on as we speak. Their electricity must be costing them a fortune.

I love taking the tree down after the big day because it’s nice to see the house going back to its former state of relative neatness.

Yes Christmas was lovely; yes New Year was fun, but to all you people out there who are still lighting up your gardens, conservatories and windows, just face it – it’s over.

You’re going to have to take them down eventually, so today might just be a good day to get started…