Michelle Morgan

The Jubilee was one of the highlights of the year for Michelle
The Jubilee was one of the highlights of the year for Michelle

So Christmas is over and the presents we spent hours wrapping are now being played with, admired and laughed at – hopefully for all the right reasons – as we speak.

Another year is over and the New Year is now just days away.

I don’t know about you but I really do feel that as you get older, the years just get quicker and quicker, whereas when you’re a child, things seem to go on forever.

Now weeks fly past at the rate of knots and I can almost literally see my daughter grow in front of my very eyes.

I must say I have enjoyed 2012; I saw my Marilyn Monroe biography hit the bestseller charts; I appeared on television and radio; and was commissioned to write two more books.

I’ve been incredibly blessed, and with the Olympics and Jubilee adding an extra shine to everything, I’ve had an unbelievable time.

But as we say good bye to this year, and hello to 2013, I can’t help but feel a little melancholy for those people who have been unable to celebrate the year in the same way as I have.

My father-in-law passed in October, and I continue to mourn my grandparents who all left us in the last decade or so, and yet still fill a huge place in my heart.

We don’t have a Thanksgiving celebration like our friends in America do, so I’d like to take this time, as we head into the New Year, to give thanks to everyone who has lit up my life in 2012.

From the readers who continue to support and buy my work, to the friends and family who have made this year special, and everyone in between.

And to all of you out there who read my column here in the Telegraph every week and who take the time to approach me in the street or email me your thoughts; thank you very much indeed and I hope you are all blessed with a successful, prosperous, happy and healthy 2013.

Happy New Year everyone!