Michelle Morgan

As I’ve told you before, I hate people who call my number trying to sell something or get me to take part in a survey.

Yes, I know and appreciate that people need to make a living, but if they’re asked not to phone again, then I believe they should absolutely respect that and leave you alone for good.


A couple of days ago I began getting phone calls from a company doing a survey.

Since I have no interest in answering questions over the phone, I said no and asked them to delete my number.

Thirty minutes later came another call – same number as before but different person this time.

Again I told them to kindly go away (or words to that affect.) The next day another came, and another, and another.

Finally I became so annoyed that I thought I’d have a bit of fun with them, after being inspired by something I once saw on an old 1990s comedy show.

I didn’t have to wait long before the phone rang….

Caller: Oh hello, I’m conducting a survey and would like to ask you some questions.

Me: I’m dreadfully sorry, but I’m very busy right now.

However, if you give me your home number I will gladly call you back this evening.

Caller: My home number?

Me: Yes, that’s right, your home number.

After a very long pause...Caller: Er, I’m afraid I can’t give you my home number.

Me: Oh dear, why ever not?

Caller: Well, I don’t want people ringing me at home, that’s why.

Me: Well, now you know how I feel then!

And with that I hung up.

Thankfully this little joke does seem to have been effective and I haven’t heard from them again.

Still, if they do decide to ring back, I’m more than prepared, and shall quite happily treat them to a rendition of Blondie’s classic Hanging on the Telephone.

That’s bound to make them clear off for good!