Michelle Morgan

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Regular readers of my column will know that my daughter is a big Moshi Monsters fan.

Well this interest has turned into her first real obsession and she is collecting Moshi figures as if her life depended on it.

The trouble is, the usual way they’re sold is in a little foil bag which makes it impossible to see what is inside.

This was fine when she was first starting to collect, but not so good when she has over a hundred and now keeps getting duplicates.

I’ve seen so many tears in the past few months when she opens a pack only to discover that the figure she thought was going to be ultra rare, is actually one she has five of already.

Imagine the excitement then when we discovered a market stall that not only sold Moshi Monsters, but also had them as separate figures, rather than in foil packs.

It was a complete accident that we found it, and my daughter was in seventh heaven, picking out loads of Moshis she didn’t have, including special gold editions and sparkly collectibles.

Her excitement became even more acute when the ‘Moshi Man’ told her that he also buys duplicate figures.

Back we went the next week with 35 characters that she has several of, and luckily for all of us, the man snapped them up and she was able to buy a great many new collectibles for her collection.

After our discovery I asked if she would be telling her friends where the secret stall was.

“Oh I don’t think so,” she replied.

“Not until I’ve bought all the figures I don’t already have. Then maybe – just maybe – I’ll let everyone know.”

Wow, for an eight-year-old she certainly has the mind of a businesswoman, and I can’t help thinking that in a few years’ time, when she’s grown out of Moshis and into make-up, she’ll be setting up her own stall and making an absolute fortune.