Michelle Morgan

As the evenings draw in, I’m more and more concerned about the lack of lamp-posts in our towns.

Last week I went out with some old workmates, and when I returned to my car it wouldn’t start.

I was lucky that I’d parked outside a late-night store with a bright light, so I locked my doors and waited for my husband to arrive.

However, if I’d parked just round the corner I’d have been in complete darkness and scared out of my wits.

I turned on the local radio recently and heard one of the presenters describing a scary experience with a strange man while out walking one evening.

Luckily she got away without any harm, but was shaken and made note of the fact that there was very bad light in the area.

Then news came that a lady had been attacked while walking through a street at 9pm.

Did this street have lights? I don’t know. But it just goes to show that in order to stay safe, our roads need more lights, not fewer.

No person should be worried about being bothered or attacked by a stranger; and yet it is unfortunately a part of life that we have to be prepared for, just in case.

We can arm ourselves with self-defence moves; a personal alarm etc, but if the streets are so dark that we can’t see anyone approaching then that puts us all at a distinct disadvantage.

I very rarely go out alone at night but, like last week when my car broke down, it does sometimes happen.

Having very few lamp-posts to light the way is not only inconvenient but it is dangerous too.

It is my opinion that whoever decided to switch them off in order to save money has made the wrong decision.

I feel that it is only a matter of time before something truly awful happens as a result of this decision to switch off lights, but I pray to goodness that I’m wrong.