Michelle Morgan

Michelle was amused by the recent 'big cat' story in the national media
Michelle was amused by the recent 'big cat' story in the national media

So last week there was a big hoopla over whether or not there was a lion wandering around the streets of Essex, or more specifically, in a village near Clacton.

One man was seen running from the field shouting, “It’s a lion! It’s a lion!”

While another was quoted as saying he was “one million per cent sure” that what he’d just seen was a big cat.

Yet another told reporters that he heard a roar and after confirming it wasn’t his sleeping son making the noise, decided that it was most likely the King of the Jungle, outside his back window.

The whole country went crazy, with dark, grainy photographs appearing online of the beast wandering among cars and trees, completely oblivious to the scandal he was involved in.

The big cat from Essex even popped up on Twitter, where he soon attracted 35,000 followers and a host of hilarious tweets.

Of course it was soon claimed that there was no such thing as the Essex lion, and the photographs were seen as fake.

In fact a couple came forward to say that it was their pet cat Teddy Bear who was the furry friend in the middle of all the sightings.

This seems a little strange to me – I’m pretty short-sighted but I don’t think even I would mistake a pet cat for a lion, but each to his own.

I love the idea of a lion padding his way around the English countryside and this “sighting” is probably going to lead to many more similar stories in the future; just like the Beast of Bodmin or the Loch Ness Monster.

There’s something about these mysterious sightings that capture the imagination of the public and get us all talking.

And as long as the lion, the monster and the beast keep out of everyone’s way, I for one see no reason why I should not be excited that there may be some mysterious creatures living out there somewhere, just waiting for the next sighting.