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Jessie J was no replacement for Freddie Mercury, says Michelle
Jessie J was no replacement for Freddie Mercury, says Michelle
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Well, I never expected to enjoy the Olympics.

But I actually loved the events, and of course the huge amount of gold medals that Great Britain were able to win.

I even became quite a fan of the athletics, and particularly Mo Farah (or Mia Farrow as I mistakenly called him one day) but the highlight for me was probably the closing ceremony, which I thought was really quite amazing.

From Timothy Spall acting as Churchill, right through to the fireworks at the end, I really thought everyone put on a fabulous show and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

OK, so there were a few questionable bits, such as why would anyone think Russell Brand should ride around on a bus singing I Am the Walrus through a megaphone?

But that’s just my opinion. I did think it was fabulous when the bus got stripped away to reveal a huge inflatable octopus underneath – even if I didn’t actually understand why.

The Spice Girls were fun, George Michael put on a brave performance after his illness, and Eric Idle singing Always Look on the Bright Side of Life was one of the best things about the evening.

It shows that our classic artists are still the best.

And talking of the best, how about Freddie Mercury appearing on screen at the beginning of Queen’s segment?

Over 20 years since his death and he still had everyone singing and dancing.

The only thing that let it down after that was when Freddie disappeared, only to be replaced by Jessie J in a skin-tight catsuit, trying to sing We Will Rock You.

I thought it would have been so much better if they had continued with Freddie on screen, while the rest of Queen played on stage.

Freddie was a legend, and if they’d shown him singing the entire song, I’m sure that that would have totally brought the house down.