Michelle Morgan

Michelle Morgan has always been fascinated by Marilyn Monroe
Michelle Morgan has always been fascinated by Marilyn Monroe

As many of you know, I am a big Marilyn Monroe fan and with the 50th anniversary of her death recently, it seems only right that I talk about her now.

When I was 15 years old, I travelled with my parents and brother to Devon. One day we were in a shop when I noticed a photograph of Marilyn in a gold dress, blowing a kiss to the camera.  Something about her caught my attention and that night I decided to buy something about her to read on the beach.

The next day I bought my first ever Marilyn Monroe book and read it throughout the holiday; completely transfixed.

Despite her difficult childhood, she had achieved her dreams and I was so inspired by her fight, strength and determination to succeed.  

She suddenly went from someone I wanted to read about on holiday, to a person who was going to inspire me forever.

I bought up every postcard I could find and later grilled my grandparents about their memories of her. They were amused by my fascination with the woman who had stolen headlines when they were young.

And now nearly 30 years have gone by since I first discovered this beautiful woman.  Over the years my love for Marilyn has evolved from a fan who bought everything I could find; to her Fan Club President; to a tourist following her footsteps around Los Angeles; to eventually her biographer.  But since that fateful day in 1985, my love for Marilyn has grown and I know that I’ll never stop admiring and drawing inspiration from her life.

It is 50 years since the world lost Marilyn Monroe. Fifty years; half a century, and in the immortal words of Marilyn, “It makes a girl think.”  

Her life was one of fire and magic; of great triumphs and terrible lows.  

But to me she will always be my inspiration and I will never stop admiring her for as long as I live.