Michelle Morgan

Michelle has had a Back to the Future moment this week
Michelle has had a Back to the Future moment this week

Well, this week I’m here to report that I’m currently embroiled in a 1950s sex scandal. Yes, you read it right; a 1950s sex scandal. Let me explain…

On Saturday, a national newspaper printed an article about Marilyn Monroe, claiming all sorts of distasteful things, and naming a variety of people the star was supposed to have secretly slept with. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the author of the piece decided to mention my book at the beginning of the article, as he had read it and thought it was a good read.

Unfortunately what he forgot to mention was that all of the revelations printed in the article had nothing whatsoever to do with my book, and within minutes comments were being printed, saying I’d written the article and that all the scandal had come from me. Hmm...

The next morning the foreign press got hold of the story and it became a giant game of Chinese whispers… by the time it had reached Europe, the press were bizarrely reporting that it was me who had had affairs with numerous 1950s icons! As if that wasn’t confusing enough, along came a blogger who decided that I was not only the author of the original article, but had also been kissed by Marilyn way back in 1956!  

Needless to say I was quite surprised by all this, since I wasn’t born until 1970; 14 years after my alleged kiss and tawdry affairs!

Off I headed to the garage to make sure that there wasn’t a DeLorean residing there. I came back empty handed, so proceeded to read the rest of the blog. To cut a very long story short, the site was reported and eventually taken down. However, more and more stories keep appearing about my 1950s ‘affairs’ with Hollywood luminaries, and the whole thing is totally out of hand.

So if there are any brainless bloggers out there, let me just repeat this one more time... unless my name is Marty McFly, pictured above , I can guarantee that I did not kiss Marilyn (or any other Hollywood icon) in the 1950s.  I also did not write the original article; nor did I have anything to do with it at all. The reporter merely mentioned my name at the beginning of the story – that was it.  No time-travelling; no kissing; no DeLorean...

So now that we’re clear on that, I can get back to the matter at hand... writing good books that all us non-time travellers can thoroughly enjoy!