Michelle Morgan

More trips to the recycling banks are planned, says Michelle
More trips to the recycling banks are planned, says Michelle

As an author I often get asked to take part in TV shows, such as the time I travelled to Wales to be filmed for Collector’s Lot, or when a BBC crew came to my home to interview me for the national news.

Then last year I was taken by chauffer to Pinewood Studios to film an excerpt for The One Show. That was an experience I’ll never forget.

But of all the interesting and odd things I’ve been asked to do over the past 20 years, none has been more exciting than last week when a documentary crew came to film me for a new movie which is coming out next year. The film is all about Marilyn Monroe, and as I wrote her biography they wanted to talk about my opinion on aspects of her life.

Knowing that they’d be here early in the morning, I decided I’d better clean up.

I figured they’d probably interview me sitting on the sofa, so I hid all the junk in a corner behind the living room door.

Unfortunately for me, the first thing they decided to do was sit me on a wooden chair, next to the living room door, as that gave the best light. They then moved the door slightly, and out rolled my daughter’s hula-hoop, her bag of Moshi Monsters, my yoga mat and the Argos catalogue. That was embarrassing enough, but it didn’t end there.

“Hmm,” they wondered. “Could we maybe move that DVD cabinet behind you, and put a vase on the top?”

“Okay,” I said uneasily, and as I went to move it, out piled about 200 40th birthday cards which had obviously been there for at least two years, since I’m now 42.

“Oops, how did they get there?” I innocently asked, cursing myself for not doing more recycling.

Finally I looked down at the bottom of the cabinet, to be faced with a layer of dust.

I tried to wipe it off with my sock but it was a lost cause.

Oh well, at least I can be thankful that when the film is released, the hula-hoop, old birthday cards and dust will be edited out.

And perhaps in the meantime I’ll invest in some new storage, or at the very least get into the habit of tidying up after myself...