Michelle Morgan

The Olympic torch's visit to Corby was a once-in-a-lifetime event, says Michelle
The Olympic torch's visit to Corby was a once-in-a-lifetime event, says Michelle

You’d have to have been living under a rock not to know that the Olympic Torch made its way through Northamptonshire this week. And what an exciting afternoon it was.

Since my daughter and I missed out on seeing the Queen a few week’s ago, we were determined not to miss this, so I picked her up at lunch time and together with my mum and dad, we all trudged down to the Old Village of Corby to get a good look at the flame coming through.

As with all major outdoor events, it was raining, but in spite of that, there were still hundreds of people lined up near to where we were standing, with many more watching from open doors and windows.

We were thrilled to discover ourselves next to not only my cousin, but also my mum’s friend too, which made the afternoon more enjoyable.

As the rain poured down and our waving flags became more than a little wet, the buses started to come down the road, packed with Olympic representatives and other happy folk.

There was a bit of confusion when the crowd spotted local radio presenter Des Barber on one of the buses.

We all knew he was a torch bearer, and the sight of him on the bus caused many gasps from the worried crowd, thinking that because of the rain, he and the flame were travelling by bus instead of foot. It was all a false alarm of course and he was merely travelling up the road in order to get to his particular part of the course.

The atmosphere was amazing and the motorcycle police got in on it all too, by beeping their horns and waving to the crowds.

Before long it was finally time to see the torch coming along. It was carried by a young man who looked so happy to be there, before passing the flame to Des Barber for the next leg of the journey.

And then that was it, the waiting and anticipation over, and everyone soaking wet. However, we all went home happy, knowing that we really had just been part of a once-in-a-lifetime event. I doubt we’ll ever see the Olympic Flame coming through our town again, and I for one am so happy to have been part of it.