Michelle Morgan

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So the Queen came to Corby and I think I was pretty much the only person who didn’t get to see her.

The day before the event, I asked my daughter’s teacher if we were to pick up our kids, but was told no, they were staying at school as usual.

I accepted this, but on the day of the Queen’s visit, I went to collect my daughter from school at 3.30pm, only to discover the vast majority of kids had been picked up at lunchtime, for the Royal visit. Apparently it had been a last-minute decision to let them go, provided parents could collect them. Somehow I missed that memo and my daughter stayed in school, while I remained oblivious.

Fortunately she really didn’t mind; especially when she discovered her friends had stood in line for two or three hours to catch a glimpse of the Queen in her car.

“Are you disappointed you didn’t go?” I asked. “You must be joking,” she replied. “How on earth could I have gone to the loo if I’d been standing outside for three hours?”

A point well made.

Having the Queen in Corby did bring back memories of when she was here in the early 1980s, and my mum, dad, brother and me all trekked out onto the main road to see her whizz past in a posh, black car.

How we knew what route she’d be taking is a mystery, but there we were on the roundabout, waving our flags as she drove past. We even managed to get a wave from Her Majesty, which was my 11-year-old claim to fame for many months.

When I watched the news during the Queen’s latest visit, I was somewhat confused to see our MP declare that Her Majesty hadn’t been to the town since 1961. I thought I must have been mistaken, but sure enough, on the Internet, there she was again, saying the same thing. Well obviously this was a mistake, because we waved to her back in the 1980s, and my husband actually met her while she toured his school.

Then a friend told me that the Queen had returned in 2001 to open the Rockingham Speedway. I don’t know who was responsible for the mix-up regards dates, but whoever it was obviously doesn’t know Corby very well.