Litter can be a danger, as I discovered

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I’ve mentioned in my column several times that I can’t bear those nasty litter louts, who have no respect for their surroundings.

Dropping litter doesn’t just make the town look untidy, but it can also be dangerous, as demonstrated by myself on Monday.

There I was, walking to school with my daughter like I do every day, when I suddenly became aware that I was about to step on one of those plastic wire things that go around boxes.

It was looped into a circle and before I knew it it was too late to step round, so I tried to step over it.

Unfortunately, as I made what I thought would be a discreet move, the world suddenly went upside down when the blinkin’ plastic wire got trapped not only over one foot but both, leading me to plummet to the floor, right in front of my daughter and hundreds of passing school children.

I literally dropped straight on to my front and my hand hit the ground at such force that it took a lot of skin off the palm of one hand.

I staggered up and was thankfully comforted by one of the lovely school mums who had seen me fall, before then hobbling my upset daughter into the playground, where a seven-year-old took great pleasure in running up to ask, “Oy! aren’t you the woman I just saw falling on her face?”

That made me feel even worse than I did already. Embarrassed much? I’ll say!

Luckily for me I was able to get away with a very bruised and skinned hand, but what if it had been an older person, or a child for that matter?

It could have been much worse.

When I saw the plastic again the next day, I picked it up and binned it before anyone could hurt themselves again; before rubbing my hand and cursing the inconsiderate moron who had left the junk there in the first place.