Jon Dunham – Wilshere’s goal was better, but only just

Northamptonshire Telegraph's sports writers Jon Dunham, Jim Lyon and Alec Swann.
Northamptonshire Telegraph's sports writers Jon Dunham, Jim Lyon and Alec Swann.

The debate has been ongoing since Monday night.

Which goal in the Barclays Premier League was better? Jack Wilshere’s for Arsenal against Norwich City on Saturday? Or Pajtim Kasami sensational volley for Fulham at Crystal Palace on Monday night?

Two very different goals but both already worthy of scooping the goal of the season award, even though we are only in October.

Believe me when I tell you that being a Norwich City fan can be a very lonely place at times, not least when you are following it all on Twitter due to work commitments on a Saturday.

But one thing I and others have to accept is that, sometimes, our boys will come up against a team that is just impossible to handle.

That was the case at the Emirates last weekend. Make no mistake, Arsenal scored three other great goals.

But Wilshere’s quite rightly stole the show.

To a certain extent, it didn’t matter whether it was Norwich or anyone else. When that sort of move is thrown together, there is little any defence can do about it.

The quality of passing, the quickness of it and the movement of the Arsenal players involved was something to behold.

And Wilshere’s casual finish just summed it all up. They made something that is very difficult to do look very, very easy.

If it was my decision, then at this moment in time, that would be the goal of the season so far. Football the way it should be.

But I am sure many would suggest Kasami deserves the accolade. Rightly so as well.

If you are keen to teach any youngster about the skill of volleying a football while on the run, then that is the goal you should show them over and over again.

Ultimately, it comes down to technique and Kasami’s work of art had it all.

The timing of the run, the ability to control on his chest and then turn in the same movement to hit a shot into the top corner from an angle. It wasn’t luck, it was pure brilliance.

His manager Martin Jol went as far as to say it was better than Marco van Basten’s strike for Holland against Russia in the 1988 European Championship final.

When he said that, there was a small part of me that agreed. But it prompted me to watch that van Basten goal again. To be honest, Kasami’s wasn’t as good. Nowhere near it. The angle alone for van Basten was impossible, let alone the incredible technique he showed.

Nonetheless, the debate of these two goals in the Premier League over last weekend is a good one to have. How pleasant to be able to talk about the brilliance on the pitch instead of off-field nonsense.

Wilshere’s goal, even as a Norwich fan, just nicked it as far as I am concerned. What do you reckon?