Jon Dunham – Let’s hope the Steelmen’s issues are resolved swiftly

Northamptonshire Telegraph's sports writers Jon Dunham, Jim Lyon and Alec Swann.
Northamptonshire Telegraph's sports writers Jon Dunham, Jim Lyon and Alec Swann.

It has been a tough old week if you are associated with Corby Town.

While the Steelmen have been battling away in the Calor League Premier Division, it has been clear since the turn of the year that something was brewing in the background.

The details finally came to light this week as a press release (sent out by members of the Conservative Party) revealed that a row has broken out between the club and Corby Borough Council over funding and the proposed new state-of-the-art sports pavilion that they want to build at Steel Park.

I am no politician. I have my own views on politics and I prefer to keep them private.

Clearly, there is a deadlock between the two sides at present and one can only hope that these issues are resolved sooner rather than later and ensure that any damage done is limited.

Both sides believe they are right but the sooner they find some common ground, the sooner this can be sorted out. I am not going to go any deeper into it than that.

My business, however, is football and sadly, as you will all know, this is not the first time I have had to report on and be part of a club that has been in financial trouble.

I was made aware by a source last Friday that the playing staff hadn’t received some wages on time and that news itself came to light in the wake of the dispute with the council being made public.

Clearly, the issues the club are having are affecting cashflow and it is always only a matter of time before that heads in the direction of the playing staff.

But you have to tip your hat to managers Andrew Wilson and Tommy Wright and their players.

No-one who witnessed the 3-0 success over Bideford last weekend or Wednesday’s 2-0 victory against St Albans City, for that matter, would have realised there was anything wrong.

The Steelmen are a team bang in form and they are now in a welcome habit of beating teams above them, something they will have the chance to do a bit more of in the next few games.

Claiming a play-off place is still a massive ask but an excellent run of form over the past couple of months has given them a little opening and more performances like the ones in the last seven days will only make their slim chances even bigger.

The squad were straight into a meeting with chairman Kevin Ingram after the win over St Albans and it seems an arrangement to get those outstanding wages paid could be on the cards.

Sadly (again) I have seen this before and I only hope that the situation, one way or another, is sorted out.

During the darkest times at Kettering Town I saw young footballers, and experienced ones, go through some dreadful days when they realised the wages they were owed would not be forthcoming.

It’s not something I want to see again and hopefully Ingram will be able to find a way to ensure the players get what is owed to them.

Clearly, this isn’t an easy time for anyone, not least the chairman who is forthright in his opinion on the issues that the club are facing.

Hopefully, a breaking point will soon arrive that will result in a positive outcome for the club.

And then maybe the managers and players will be able to carry on the good work they have started on the pitch.

There would appear to be a lot to run on this one. And, having seen this sort of thing before almost first-hand, I just hope the suffering for the players and fans is minimal.