Jon Dunham - Is this situation all too familiar?

Poppies fans at the first home game at Nene Park
Poppies fans at the first home game at Nene Park

THE warning signs are there for all to see when it comes to Kettering Town.

And there is something disturbingly familiar about it all.

It was just under a year ago that those in charge of Rushden & Diamonds were appealing for fans to buy season tickets to help the club through the summer.

The Football Conference eventually asked Diamonds for a bond of £250,000 following their financial problems, the club couldn’t come up with it and within a few weeks they had gone.

That short but powerful story is enough to make you shudder and Poppies fans have every right to feel a bit twitchy about the situation the club currently finds itself in.

George Rolls hasn’t mixed his words this week, season tickets need to be sold to get much-needed cashflow in over the summer.

There remains an element of distrust among the Poppies fanbase after the way Imraan Ladak’s reign ended.

And that is understandable. Here is a club that was taken away from its home town and then suffered the worst season in its history. It’s enough to put you right off.

But the simple fact is, whether you like him or not, Rolls, along with Ritchie Jeune, put himself out there.

He came in to try to sort out what looked like an impossible task and yet the Poppies are still hanging in there.

He believes that he and his associates deserve the backing of the fans and he has a point.

A club of Kettering’s size should be able to sell 300 season tickets. But such is the apathy among fans at the moment, it is proving to be a tough task.

The threat of a CVA or administration remains real and should either happen, it could spell serious issues for a club that may not see its 140th birthday in November.

Times are hard for everyone but Poppies fans still have a role to play in ensuring they and their children have a club to follow in the future.