Jon Dunham - England can afford to wait for Harry

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There’s little doubt that Harry Redknapp appears to be everybody’s favourite to become the new manager of England in the wake of Fabio Capello’s messy departure.

As a big England fan myself, I firmly believe the Tottenham Hotspur manager is the right man for the job.

First off, he is English. The foreign manager experiment hasn’t worked.

But most importantly, he has proved himself to be tactically astute. The job he has done at White Hart Lane can’t be underestimated.

He has turned a club that was struggling when he arrived into one of the major forces and title contenders in the Barclays Premier League.

I have no doubt that he will get the job and I also have no doubts that he wants it – there isn’t an English manager out there who would turn the opportunity down.

The question is how it’s done.

The decision to place Stuart Pearce in charge for the friendly with Holland at the end of this month is about as sensible as it gets from the FA these days.

He knows the squad and is more than capable of leading them into a game that isn’t all that important.

After that, if Redknapp is the man then he should be appointed as soon as possible but must be allowed to finish the season with Spurs. They have a shot at the title and, at the very least, getting into the Champions League.

Then once the domestic season is over, he can then concentrate on getting things ready for Euro 2012.

Let’s face it, after the upheaval this week, there won’t be any pressure on any incoming manager to go out to Poland and Ukraine and win the tournament.

Redknapp, by his nature, will be cut some slack anyway simply because he is English and universally popular with the fans and media.

If it is to be him then Spurs must be looked after and I am sure they will ensure they look after themselves anyway.

But this could be a very simple situation.

Get the Holland game out of the way, get Redknapp appointed and then get the preparations for the summer started only when the season is over.

On this occasion, England and the FA can afford to wait for the only real candidate for the job.