Jim Lyon - Stimson’s efforts are worth noting

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It will come as no surprise to anyone that compassion was once again lacking in football this week.

It is a massive relief to everyone that there seems to be some kind of hope for the future of Kettering Town.

And it is also great to see a good manager and genuinely good bloke in Mark Cooper return to the club.

However, the way his predecessor Mark Stimson departed leaves a very sour taste in the mouth.

Yes, football moves on and, yes, different people will want different things for a football club.

But Stimson has acted with commendable dignity during his time at Nene Park – a time when he has been forced to work in the toughest conditions any manager can expect.

So for him to be dumped with little warning and no mercy is disappointing.

I also had to laugh when I read some points of view from anonymous online comment makers who claimed all Stimson has done is ‘hung on’ and that his record was ‘really poor’.

Quite what they expected of a manager working under a transfer embargo with a squad of players that was barely large enough to fill a team and who were not even being paid beggars belief.

So stretched were his resources and so young were some of his players he had to be without two of them because they were on holiday with their parents.

But then it is easy to fling muck and sometimes folk really need to get a grip on reality.

The fact is without Stimson’s dogged perserverance there might not even be a football club in place.

Had he thrown in the towel and failed to put out a team at any stage things might be looking a lot worse than they are now.

Hopefully Ketttering can now rebuild and come back stronger.

If they do, rather than critcise it might be worth remembering a valuable contribution in extremely testing circumstances from Mr Stimson.