Jim Lyon - At least give Roy a chance

SO he talks with a speech impediment that some find amusing and has picked a squad that not everyone agrees with.

Well! Curse Roy Hodgson to the hills and back again.

It would be simple to be England manager if we had 23 players that stood head and shoulders above the rest, were injury free, well behaved off the field and all got on together.

But we haven’t.

Therefore selection is always going to be a problem and throw up a few controversial picks.

The Rio Ferdinand/John Terry issue was always going to need dealing with.

I think Hodgson’s mistake it taking either of them.

With Ferdinand far from free of niggles it probably does make sense for him to miss out.

But, on the playing side, Terry has been exposed on several occasions this season and his limitations could play right in to the hands of some of the cleverer European forwards.

The selection of Stewart Downing would seem more of a concern than which over-the-hill centre-back should be left at home.

Downing’s inability to offer anything going forward for Liverpool – £20m, 36 games, 0 goals, 0 assists – has been well documented.

But Adam Johnson, Aaron Lennon and even Matt Jarvis – in a relegated Wolves team – have done better than that and they will have nothing more than a watching role.

I am willing to give Hodgson every chance, though.

We’re not exactly blessed with world-class talent in this country.

And before the personal jibes take over and Hodgson is slated in the way every England manager eventually is, let us just take a look at the slim pickings he actually has to work with and just hope he can work some magic.