J-P Wooding: Theatrical performances are just majestic

Theatrical performances differ from cinematic ones, says J-P
Theatrical performances differ from cinematic ones, says J-P

Last weekend, as part of my daughter’s birthday treat, we went to see the stage production of The Lion King. It was worth every penny.

Despite theatre being presented by many as financially out-of-bounds to a lot of the public, it can’t be denied that, for the majority of performances, the cost is justified.

The closest form of entertainment that I can compare the theatre to is the cinema. A cinema ticket isn’t as expensive as a theatre one, but it isn’t particularly cheap either and I think there’s a bigger difference than many realise.

Yes, you have a big screen at the flicks that echoes a theatre’s stage, in some cases bigger than grand old stages you may find in a theatre.

Yes, you find trained actors, occasionally classically trained in the thespian arts, on screen plying their trade in front of your eyes. However, this is where the qualities begin to differ.

I’ve always felt that those on stage, displaying their skills, are doing it for me; just me.

The orchestra are working their aural magic, again just for me. Of course there are others in the audience with me, but I’m quite sure they feel the same about what they are experiencing.

I know that at the cinema we are watching a recording, as we expect to.

Excellent stories may be told by fabulous production teams and those tales played out by great actors, many of whom have trod, or will go on to tread, the boards.

Although, they are doing it just that once, production lengths aside, granted.

There is a certain connection, a form of conductivity when experiencing a live performance.

Much the same as attending a live gig; the words and music may be the same, but the reality is something quite different.

The yarns are spun day after day by these people, but each audience feels it is a one-off.

The music, the lights, the atmosphere and your fellow theatre-goers are what you pay the money for and for me it’s fully justified.

We saw the show at the Lyceum theatre and it was excellent, the second half in particular was very good.

Agree? Disagree?

No problem; Hakuna matata!

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