J-P Wooding: Don’t call me, I ain’t interested!

Sales calls are the worst kind of phone calls, says J-P
Sales calls are the worst kind of phone calls, says J-P

If a certain High Street bank rings my telephone with an automated message one more time, there’s a big chance I’ll go into my local branch and randomly call out my name every day, to see how they like it!

We hear of more and more telephone scams involving credit card fraud and unscrupulous types acting as supposed couriers, trying to dupe those unaware of these activities.

Or “Dave” from a call centre a long way away would inform me that my laptop was faulty etc. To be fair I wouldn’t believe any sort of phonecall along these lines but I know some do and unfortunately have suffered the consequences.

When the phone rings I have difficulty in “just leaving it”. Perhaps I should let the answerphone pick it up, but it may be someone important; heaven forbid a family emergency or similar, so I’ll try and get it...”A government initiative has blah, blah, blah.” I bring a swift end to the automaton-like pre-recorded drivel.

It used to be bad enough when a cold-caller would phone, usually in the middle of a meal time, to suggest that, based on their incorrect records, I’d been involved in an accident and I was entitled to a large sum of wealth. I would explain that their information was wrong and I wasn’t interested.

To be honest, if they were right I would have looked into it myself, certainly not because someone had phoned me to become a benefactor of my potential purse.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand it is a difficult business and that to succeed in it undoubtedly takes skill and training. In fact an old friend of mine has been doing it a long time and now offers his services to companies which I’m sure would benefit. I fail to see the logic behind phoning during the hours their potential customers will be eating though!

I know you can register with the telephone preference service but they always find a way through. If not to the landline then it’ll be to your mobile.

The same applies to your email address. It is up to us to employ our own security in these areas, of course, but surely more so to guard against spam and identity theft rather than someone offering up windows (who hasn’t got them by now!)?

These days I suppose the majority of this business has progressed into the adverts that flash up on websites; at least with those we can quickly disregard them or close them completely.

I’ve heard of people who leave the caller on the line, at the caller’s expense, until the salesperson terminates the conversation.

So if you’re involved in this line of business, do yourself a favour and cross my number off the list...I ain’t interested! Ring off!

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