J-P Wooding: Christmas is coming, whether you like it or not

This year's John Lewis ad, in case you didn't know
This year's John Lewis ad, in case you didn't know
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The inevitable has begun.

The adverts are rolling out across the TV channels and the offers are starting to pop up in the “seasonal” aisles of the supermarkets.

Christmas is coming, whether you like it or not.

The emergence of the seasonal John Lewis advert has marked the beginning of the Christmas marketing campaigns of the big retailers.

Another excellently orchestrated piece by the team at the retailer has young children putting a penguin (real or soft) at the top of their Christmas lists.

I have since seen Tesco, Waitrose and another advert, which isn’t just any advert, but a M&S one, all try their hand but fail to match the John Lewis effort.

I certainly don’t recall that when I was younger major retailers marketed their wares on the TV as they do now.

Instead these adverts, together with the brightly lit Coca-Cola truck that trundles its way across our televisions, are clever marketing instigators.

Instead of thrusting their offers towards us, they flick the switch that tells us that it’s time to get on with the Christmas shopping.

Given the incredible popularity and the speed at which these very well designed adverts spread across the internet, I wonder how many years it will be before they have sneak preview teasers; a five-second snippet of what is to come.

Never going to happen? I’m not so sure...

Of course there are many of you who, as you read this, are saying: “Start the shopping? I finished it all weeks ago!”

However, for the rest of us, it is time to get the savings stamps out and start racking our brains to work out what dear old Uncle George would like; surely not more socks or a Walnut Whip?

As for Auntie Mildred, she has no teeth left, so Turkish delight is the best bet!

It is time to see who has the best offer on large tubs of sweets; how many boxes of Roses, Quality Street, Celebrations and Heroes we can get for £10?

The big Christmas lights switch-ons will soon take place.

I believe Wellingborough in particular is having a bigger production than in the past this year.

Let’s be realistic though; the big day is a month and a half away and, as has been in the past, many will be sick of the adverts by then.

Perhaps it is best to enjoy the first few showings of the John Lewis penguin and perfect family situations peddled by the marketers and then let the rest wash over us, so that perhaps the main event isn’t an anti-climax.

Before we all enjoy the “over-everythings” we engage in over the period, perhaps we should consider it won’t be a great time for everyone.

Children in Need takes place on Friday and fluffy penguins, warm fireplaces and bottles of ice cold cola will seem a distant memory very quickly. Perhaps rightly so?

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