J-P Wooding: Bag it and bin it please, folks!

Dog mess - please just bag it and bin it, says J-P
Dog mess - please just bag it and bin it, says J-P

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

I think Benjamin Franklin forgot to mention that the other thing guaranteed is that you will tread in dog poo too.

Every Friday morning I take our dog Daisy, a daft chocolate Labrador, for a walk at Twywell Hills and Dales.

A lovely example of the countryside in Northamptonshire, it is a popular spot for ramblers, dog walkers and people who want to enjoy a free and open space.

Unfortunately it seems that some irresponsible dog owners are spoiling it and letting the side down for the rest of us.

There are bins provided for owners to deposit their dog’s “doings” into once they’ve been bagged. Sadly many choose to try to create some sort of nightmarish decoration on trees and brushes; launching the small black bags into the shrubbery, leaving them swinging in the wind looking like some hideous version of Christmas tree baubles.

It’s not that hard, folks: please bag it and bin it.

You could say at least they’re using bags and not just feigning ignorance as their four-legged chum leaves a deposit on the floor.

I’m not sure I go along with this – if you’ve gone to the trouble of bagging it, why not bin it?

I’m afraid this isn’t just confined to Twywell Hills and Dales, as I’m sure we all know.

How many times have we walked along a path, only to suddenly find one of our feet seemingly on ice, sliding several inches? For the briefest second we question what it could be – “ice, in July?”

Of course not, it is the result of another irresponsible dog owner tarring other owners with their lazy attitude.

It’s a lot easier for the owner to clear it up when it happens than it is for the poor victim of this social crime to do. It’s not that hard, folks: please bag it and bin it.

I saw some the other day near a school with pushchair wheel lines running through it, ready to be rolled into someone’s house.

Further along the path, I saw more, this time displaying the small footprints of a child’s shoe, by now probably walked into the school.

It is disgusting and very unfair for the innocent party.

It’s one thing if you let your dog do their business all over your own garden; you’re the one who deals with the consequences.

It is unacceptable to let it happen in public places.

Remember, I’m a dog owner myself, so I know, once again, that it’s not that hard, folks: please bag it and bin it.

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