J-P Wooding: Back off, dangerous drivers

Inconsiderate drivers should back off, says J-P
Inconsiderate drivers should back off, says J-P

Why do so many road users drive so close to the car in front?

Only the other night, I was driving a couple of cars behind my colleague on the way home from work, when it looked as if the driver behind him was trying to get inside my colleague’s boot!

The traffic was moving at a reasonable pace and everyone seemed to be trundling along at the usual speed, but this particular driver seemed intent on driving dangerously close.

I’m sure many of us have encountered this all too common situation whereby the idiot is so close that you can’t even see their headlights in your mirror.

They must think tailgating will make you drive faster and start this ludicrous activity yourself on another motorist.

In my experience all it achieves is to cause distraction to the innocent party, which in turn could lead to an accident.

With the fraudulent claims of drivers running into the back of other drivers rife, surely it would make sense to back off a little and give oneself a safety margin.

I’m not suggesting leaving a county-wide gap between you and the car in front; common sense will tell you a more appropriate distance.

Unfortunately there seems to be less and less common sense on the roads and indeed, car parks, these days.

Other times, after managing to make it to my destination without having a car parked in my boot, I’ve gone to find a parking space in a public car park and found myself looking in bewilderment at the cars parked in disabled bays without a disabled badge visible, or vehicles in parent and baby sections that clearly shouldn’t be there. There may be a very small percentage of people who have a genuine reason, but I’ve seen a lot of people park up and get out without a child in sight; lazy and inconsiderate.

It also amazes me how many people can’t park their car between the white lines either.

It’s not always the behemoth 4x4s that straddle two spaces; quite often a super-mini will find its tyres on the line, restricting access to its and the neighbouring car’s doors.

Many of these drivers will also be surprised to find a small mark on their door where someone has tried to squeeze into their own car; again lazy and inconsiderate.

I am most certainly not the perfect driver but the mistakes I make are not intentional.

So how about next time we all just back off a little from the car in front and check we’ve parked with others in mind... oh, and please use your indicators on a roundabout!

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