Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh, it’s a bird

A skydiver, or possibly a red kite
A skydiver, or possibly a red kite

My brother Paul made a list of all the things he wants to do before he is 40, and one of them was to go skydiving (much to my mum’s dismay).

And so it was that last Saturday we all found ourselves travelling to an airfield to watch the big event.

Looking rather like the Bionic Man my brother posed for pics, gave a quick wave and, before we knew it, he was shuttled into the plane and up into the air, leaving us to head to the landing area where he was due to arrive in about 20 minutes.

Thankfully it was a clear (though rather windy) day, and while at the landing area we were quickly able to spot the plane.

Well I say quickly – what I mean is that the other members of my family all spotted it immediately; while I was left gazing at what I thought was the plane but what turned out to be a red kite.

I wouldn’t care but I’d been staring at it for about five minutes, before somebody finally told me I was looking at a bird of prey and not an aeroplane.

Finally my eyes were well and truly on the real thing and out came a number of tiny specs, which quickly turned into parachutes – one of which had my brother attached.

We knew his parachute was red, so our eyes were pinned to that one, when all of a sudden one of the wardens shouted, “Nobody move; everyone stay still!”

We looked around and coming towards us was another parachutist who had gone off course slightly due to the wind.

Thankfully he managed to whizz past us and on to the field with no catastrophes.

Finally my brother landed and we rushed over to tell him how proud we were.

He intends to do another one soon, and I’ll be there cheering him on, though hopefully this time I’ll manage to spot the plane, instead of a hovering red kite...