I’m new to all this childminding

Gregg has tried his hand at childminding
Gregg has tried his hand at childminding

I don’t have children yet but, rather conveniently, my wife’s sister does.

Not only does that mean there is a delightful 11-month-old bundle of joy in our lives, it means we get a chance to practice before we do it for real.

At the weekend we babysat all day for the first time.

We did the pick up at about seven in the morning and then nearly 12 hours later we said goodbye.

I think by the time we got round to having some breakfast and a cuppa at 9am we were already ready for a kip.

Our niece, on the other hand, wasn’t.

I spent the best part of an hour repeatedly singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – did you ever notice it was the same tune as the alphabet song?

By the time we were ready for lunch our ankles had been torn apart by the bumper on her walker and you would have laughed and laughed as we attempted to angle the pram so it was ready for nap mode.

It was like the Krypton Factor!

Ah, nap time. This apparently only means nap time for her as, for me and the missus, nap time was spent tidying up all the toys in the front room ready for them all to come back out of the bag in a few minutes.

I’m probably telling you stuff you already know, but this is all new to me and we loved every minute.

The time we spent on Saturday has made me incredibly appreciative of the hard work parents put in every single day – especially when the children are at that young an age where a thank-you can’t even be uttered in return.

So for us it was a day of learning.

For our niece it was a day of being sung to and for anyone who happened to look in from the outside, it was a day that resembled an episode of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em from the 1970s.