Helen Bach: Those essential kitchen gadgets

What kitchen gadgets could you not live without, wonders Helen
What kitchen gadgets could you not live without, wonders Helen

My daughter and I were watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond one morning at breakfast.

Deborah, Raymond’s wife, was hosting a Tupperware party.

My daughter asked me what Tupperware was; so I told her, plastic food containers, storage etc.

She looked at me amazed, and said: “But why would you have a party to discuss plastic lunch boxes?”

And, do you know what, I couldn’t answer that.

Because when you think about it, what on Earth was that all about?

Why did groups of people gather in each other’s homes to have a demonstration of plastic containers?!

Confession time here, though – I’m actually quite a fan of Lakeland homeware.

I used to get the catalogue, and spend time browsing through the numerous items on offer, reading the recommendations by their customer ambassador Wendy Miranda.

So, among other things, I’m now the proud owner of tumble drier balls – plastic knobbly balls put into the drum of the tumble drier to shorten the drying time – an egg poacher, used once, not very successfully, and candles in tins to eliminate all-known cooking odours and repel mosquitoes – but probably not at the same time.

In fact, I had to stop getting the catalogue, because every one contained a cornucopia of culinary utensil delights that I thought I should have.

Husband, however, didn’t tend to agree and still comments on the uselessness of the egg poacher.

Which then got me thinking, I wonder if Lakeland do parties? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate in home shopping experiences? Endless demonstrations of useful little household gadgets and products that you never thought you needed before but now can’t live without?

Gravy separators, piping bags which pipe two different coloured icings simultaneously, Bar Keeper’s Friend, Oven Mate cleaning gel, the Remoska table-top cooking sensation, poachpods designed to give the best tasting poached eggs ever.

Perhaps they could show me where I’m going wrong with mine – I imagine it’s down to operator error!

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