Helen Bach: The earth moved but I am not to blame

Are we getting more earthquakes than we used to, wonders Helen
Are we getting more earthquakes than we used to, wonders Helen

Yes, the earth moved for me too last Wednesday night.

Of course, at the time I wasn’t sure what had caused it, and I was momentarily concerned it could have been an explosion, but the news and social media the next morning confirmed it – it was another Rutland earthquake.

The smallest county in England certainly likes to make its presence felt, doesn’t it?!

It happened just as I was drifting off to sleep. I would describe it as a rumbling noise – a bit like a large lorry or tank even, but probably louder – which made me sit bolt upright and make sure my husband was also awake; I don’t like to suffer these things alone.

It carried on for about 10 seconds or so, and I have to admit I was a bit scared.

OK, I might be a bit of a wuss, but that’s my fourth earthquake now, most of which have been at night.

I certainly couldn’t live somewhere like LA or Japan where they get them a lot.

It did make me wonder why we seem to be getting them more than we used to.

I haven’t studied fracking – in all honesty, it’s waste plants that take up most of my spare time (lucky me) – but it did make me wonder if these tremors are going to happen more often if fracking goes ahead.

It also brought back memories of my first earthquake; it was 1989, I’d just finished my A-levels and was re-decorating my bedroom listening to the Radio One Roadshow from an exotic seaside location, I think presented by Gary Davies but I can’t be sure.

I was painting the wall standing on a chair, when it started shaking.

My mother, who was downstairs, called up to see if it was me falling off the chair which had caused the house to shake.

I assured her it wasn’t, and was mildly insulted at the suggestion.

And, just for the record I didn’t cause last week’s either!

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