Helen Bach: Sinatra and Martin’s swing legacy lives on

The Rutland Big Band are keeping Frank Sinatra's legacy alive, says Helen
The Rutland Big Band are keeping Frank Sinatra's legacy alive, says Helen

I love a wide range of music.

Eclectic is probably the word which best sums up my tastes, ranging as they do from Doris Day to Abba, through 1980s electronica, via indie, rock and pop, with a touch of opera thrown in for good measure.

So it probably won’t come as a big surprise that I also like big band music and swing too. But, there’s a caveat – it has to be done well.

I don’t like poor imitations of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Fortunately The Rutland Big Band do it well, and I’ve been lucky enough to see them twice now.

The first time was a Bond night, with even a vintage Aston Martin DB5 parked outside the venue.

Somehow I managed to have a photo taken with my friends next to a tank which was also present, I’m guessing to represent Goldeneye and the tank chase through St Petersburg. I’d like to think the Aston is more my style though!

The latest production was Puttin’ on The Ritz, a 1920s-style Gatsby homage, complete with complementary outfits and decor.

It was a fundraising event for my daughter’s school and it was a sell-out.

Now, I love any excuse to don my glad rags and dance the night away, except I’ve reached the age where I have to reach for the painkillers the next morning not to cure a hangover, but to ease my aching limbs!

But despite the risks I couldn’t resist dancing to a range of tunes including Big Spender and Mack the Knife to name but a few, and the obligatory New York New York group high kicks ended what had been a fabulously glitzy evening.

Special mention to Mark and Sam, the “crooners” for the evening who were absolutely amazing – I’m sure Frank and Dean would be proud their legacy lives on.

I almost wish I had a significant birthday coming up so I could hire them to sing for me!

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