Helen Bach: Everybody loves good Neighbours – well, I do at least!

Helen's been a fan of Neighbours since the Scott and Charlene days
Helen's been a fan of Neighbours since the Scott and Charlene days

Thirty years – I can’t believe my favourite soap has been on our screens for three decades.

It’s been a constant feature in my life, from secondary school, through university, then something to look forward to after work and to watch at lunchtime when my daughter was a baby.

Now I work from home I still watch it when taking my lunch break.

Yes, I’m talking about Neighbours – and it appears I’m in good company, as Eddie Redmayne name-checked ‘Karl and Susan’ after he won his Oscar.

I’ve been tuning in to the trials and tribulations of the Ramsay Street residents for a very long time.

The beautiful people, with their amazing houses that seem to be able to accommodate any number of visiting friends, relations, waifs and strays.

The immaculate gardens, usually with swimming pools or hot tubs, the playing cricket in the street – it’s a world away from our lives, where if we tried to play cricket in the road here we’d end up a mascot on the front of a bus or delivery van.

The births, deaths, marriages, break-ups – I’ve even been known to cry at the sad moments.

I think it’s safe to say everyone of a similar age to me remembers Scott and Charlene’s wedding, complete with theme song by Angry Anderson (Suddenly, in case you’re wondering), as that was probably the height of the show’s popularity.

Do you also remember Des and Daphne, Danny and Shane Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson and Mrs Mangel?

The Lou/Madge/Harold love triangle – complete with the bizarre storyline where Harold ‘died’, and then came back from the dead, having apparently had amnesia and been working for the Salvation Army as a missionary or something.

Now to celebrate the 30-year milestone I hear we’ve got Madge coming back, although I think this is in some sort of flashback or dream sequence.

I can’t wait to see the special episodes featuring old characters; not sure Kylie’s going to appear though – we should be so lucky!

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