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Ant and Dec
Ant and Dec

I was listening to the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Radio 2 this week.

They do a regular ‘Top Tenuous’ feature, where people with the slightest link to the topic in question text in with their modest claims to fame.

The topic was Ant and Dec, so I texted in with my tenuous link (details to follow), and I was number nine on the list which Vassos read out!

I’ve always been a fan of Ant and Dec, and wrote a blog earlier in the year about them winning the National Television Awards for the 12th year running.

The cheeky Geordie chappies – who surely must have paintings in their attics which age instead of them in a Dorian Gray style – were fully deserving of this accolade.

As well as being complete professionals, they are actually very nice people too.

I know this because my brother met them and interviewed them many years ago, before they performed at Kettering Leisure Village (anyone remember that? I was there _ I even had a back-stage pass, but alas never met the lads).

He was a ‘cub’ reporter at the time and straight out of journalism college – he’d got this job through his old schoolmate and friend who’d booked them for the gig.

He found them to be completely decent, genuine blokes, who were friendly and open.

They even bought him a cup of tea at the expensive hotel in London at which he interviewed them, which was greatly appreciated by him as he had huge student debts at the time!

I’m pretty sure they haven’t changed either, which is why they continue to be very popular in what is sometimes a fickle industry.

Now I hear there’s a campaign to get their version of Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble to number one in the charts.

After their fantastic performance on this week’s Saturday Night Takeaway I just wish there was a Top of the Pops-type programme on which they could appear to perform that dance routine again!

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