Have you heard de Niro’s latest?

Are you talking about me?
Are you talking about me?

I’m absolutely certain that Robert de Niro is only regarded by so many people as the best actor in the world because so many other people regard him as the best actor in the world.

He’s the default answer.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with de Niro.

The guy is a legend but in recent years his films have been hit and miss.

Surely a great actor is one that hits the heights every single time the camera rolls.

I’d like to suggest another American actor of Italian heritage – Leonardo DiCaprio.

Written off as a pretty-boy teenage sensation in the 1990s, I think he has a pretty faultless CV with movies as varied as Romeo and Juliet, Catch Me If You Can and J Edgar.

This week he stars in a new adaptation of The Great Gatsby and it’s likely that he’ll be the darling of awards season when it comes round in the winter.

What about somebody becoming a sensation, though?

Well for Olivia Colman it appears to have happened overnight.

She’s been an actress gracing our screens in shows like Peep Show for years but, all of a sudden, she’s become the one actress who everyone raves about.

At the Baftas last week she took two top acting awards – it left her speechless and the audience in raptures.

Since Broadchurch, everyone has become a fan and you have to wonder if Bafta are riding on a new wave of de Niro-esque adulation rather than picking someone on their own merit.

I’m not saying I don’t think she’s great – I do – I just wonder why she has become such a sensation all of a sudden.

It doesn’t just happen in film.

If you look at the success of bands like Mumford and Sons and performers like Ben Howard you’ll see their sales figures surged after the music press decided they were hot property – and I bet you that if de Niro released an album they’d say the same about that too.