Gregg Nunney: Time we stopped knocking sports stars

Don't knock our sporting stars, says Gregg
Don't knock our sporting stars, says Gregg

Disappointment for Britain’s Laura Robson, said the reporter on television on Tuesday morning, as she was “dumped” out of Wimbledon in the fourth round.

This is the same Laura Robson who, not two days earlier, had upset the odds and progressed to the second week for the first time.

The same Laura Robson who, aside from a second round defeat in 2011, has never been past the opening day.

The same Laura Robson who the very same television reporter was calling “the future of British tennis” some 24 hours earlier.

It’s another example of the rocky relationship between our sports stars and the media – the same “all or nothing” attitude that has deemed Andy Murray a failure despite the fact he has spent more time in the quarter finals at Wimbledon than Wayne Rooney has had with a full head of hair.

It frustrates me because we should be celebrating how remarkable Laura Robson’s achievement was rather than knocking her for not getting further in the competition.

It’s time we supported our talent more, rather than knocking them for not being quite good enough.

Legendary tennis coach Nick Bollettieri said Robson has the talent to win grand slams, but she won’t get there if we lambast every defeat along the way.

Laura Robson is one of the 16 best women at Wimbledon this year and she’s not even 20. I don’t know about you, but I’d take that as a career highlight!