Gregg Nunney: This quiz fan is regularly flummoxed

Pointless has filled Gregg's head with thousands of facts
Pointless has filled Gregg's head with thousands of facts

I’ve always been a fan of quiz shows on TV. It must stem back to the 80s somewhere as I have vague memories of trying to decipher the seemingly meaningless riddles on 3-2-1.

My passion for game shows reached such epic proportions that once, as a 10-year -old, I stayed up late with the intention of watching Question Time as, to me, it sounded like it would be the ultimate quiz.

As you can imagine, I was sorely disappointed.

Nowadays, my TV quiz viewing stretches as far as two very different shows – the first of which is the oh-so-brilliant Pointless.

It’s got to the point where we tape it every day as neither of us are home from work before the show starts. The concept, if you haven’t seen it, is simple. It involves trying to think of an answer to a question – Humphrey Bogart films for example – but one that just happens to be the most obscure. The amount of useless facts about the periodic table, South American capitals and breeds of long-haired dogs that I’ve picked up is remarkable.

The other show that I’m always hooked on is University Challenge, and I don’t know why I do it to myself.

I think I’m a fairly intelligent chap, yet every week I find myself looking flummoxed at the screen as Jeremy Paxman disapprovingly tells the students from here, there and everywhere to hurry up with their answers.

There are some things that I can’t believe that anyone really knows – take perfect numbers, for example, different types of complex proteins or the compositions of Leonard Bernstein.

You’d have to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of absolutely everything in order to even attempt to sit in one of those hallowed seats.

Still I sit there every Monday, though, shouting “Copernicus” at the top of my voice whenever a question is asked. The odds are that – at least twice a series – I may even get one right.