Gregg Nunney: Tell-tale signs that autumn is on its way

The return of the X Factor is a sure sign autumn is here, says Gregg
The return of the X Factor is a sure sign autumn is here, says Gregg
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I experienced a cold, harsh realisation on Tuesday morning when my alarm went off at half past five ready for my spinning class. Actually, scrap that, I experienced two.

The first was the voice in my head who asked why on earth I was getting up before six in the morning to go to spend 45 minutes on a bike that isn’t going anywhere.

The second was that, for the first time in months, I needed to put a light on.

Gone are they days of waking up at silly o’clock in the morning and being greeted with sunshine and tweeting birds.

The darkness is coming both in the morning and in the evening, and that means we’ll soon be at the business end of the year.

There are three other tell-tale signs that we’re moving from summer to autumn – the first is the return of those pesky reality telly shows on the box.

There they are – X-Factor and Strictly – ready to lull a whole new generation into thinking that being famous is all that matters.

It’s been six years since Sharon Osborne was last on the show and she appears to be a decade younger. Go figure.

Sign number two is that, even though there are a good 17 weeks to go, the supermarkets have their seasonal aisles out. I kid you not.

I turned right at the washing powder the other day and found myself greeted by selection boxes and plum puddings. Ho ho no.

The third sign that summer is over is generally that it starts warming up.

For the past two or three years the best weather has come in September – but in 2013 we’ve actually had a near-perfect summer.

It makes me wonder what’s going to happen next. Will it turn and become – dare I say it – autumnal? Or will we see an even hotter heatwave?

To sign off this week I must just mention my old friend Leigh who is marrying Sophie this weekend. I’ll be celebrating with some freshly bought mince pies and eggnog!