Gregg Nunney: So much to shout about on doorstep

Gregg Nunney highlights Kettering's Culture Walk happening this Sunday
Gregg Nunney highlights Kettering's Culture Walk happening this Sunday
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It’s amazing how much you can miss when you drive past it in your car.

Last week I was on a mission to compile the route and the questions for this year’s Kettering Culture Walk (this Sunday in case you’d forgotten – details on Facebook) and as I ambled around the streets of the town centre, down Montagu Street and up Windmill Avenue, I took a step backwards and looked for anything of interest.

I’ve worked in and around Kettering for 15 years and I can honestly say that I’d never noticed quite how many allusions to the old shoe-making industry there are.

The trade that made the county famous has most certainly left its footprint in Kettering, if you pardon the pun.

I’ve never noticed the strange building that houses Gala Bingo in the town centre either – did it used to be a factory? Maybe you could shed some light on it.

I was invited to talk about the Culture Walk on John Griff’s BBC Northampton show this week and one thing we both agreed on is that it’s very easy indeed to become blasé about the area in which you live and there’s a lot to be said for, every once in a while, reminding ourselves about the good bits rather than just concentrating on the potholes, the empty shops and the broken windows.

Hopefully the Culture Walk will do just that – if you’re free on Sunday then it all kicks off in Kettering Market Place at 11am.

I’ve hosted dozens of events there and didn’t realise until I went to set the questions last week that the old Hippodrome building even existed. Time to walk around with my eyes open.

You know the old adage – the one about learning to love yourself before anyone else will love you? We’ve got a lot to shout about in our area, and people will visit and shout about it too.

We just need to give them an excuse to.