Gregg Nunney: Orchestra discovery a delight

Gregg was delighted to hear Kettering Symphony Orchestra for the first time
Gregg was delighted to hear Kettering Symphony Orchestra for the first time

Earlier on this year I was part of the organisation of Kettering’s first Culture Walk.

I think I mentioned in August that I was amazed by the amount of hidden gems that there were in the town if you started to look under the surface and explore and, the other weekend, I discovered something I never knew existed.

At the end of November I went along to Kettering Symphony Orchestra’s winter concert and was blown away.

As with most people I didn’t understand the fascination of classical music when I was a kid but, after switching Classic FM on after a particularly stressful day at work, I became hooked instantly.

I’ve been to the Battle Proms at Althorp a couple of times but this was the first time I had ever sat in a theatre and listened to a whole concert.

I didn’t realise we had a local symphony orchestra so didn’t know what to expect at all. For all I knew they could have been terrible!

However, I was blindsided by the talent and have to say that the show was one of the most beautiful and emotive that I had ever experienced.

I have much respect for anyone who can play an instrument.

I can play guitar a bit and had a few piano lessons when I was seven, but to pick up a violin and play flawlessly for two hours takes some skill.

The idea of reading music also fascinates me and I watched intently as the musicians followed it like a book written in the Queen’s English.

So many lessons were learned that evening, firstly that there are a wealth of amazing musicians in the area that need more recognition, secondly that if you’re prepared to try new things there are some great experiences waiting to be had and thirdly that the second movement in Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony is blooming brilliant.

So good, in fact, I can’t believe nobody’s covered it on X Factor yet...